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New Hampshire

Saturday, August 26, 2006


I know this is probably a strange request, but I was wondering if you could help me. I have moved to Derry from the Boston area. I have to switch doctors. I need a primary care physician, a endocrinologist and a gynecologist. I would prefer someone between Derry and Salem NH, not far from route 93. Word of mouth seems to be the best way to choose. Can you offer me any recommendations?

Thank you so much!


Tuesday, November 29, 2005

5:19PM - New Hampshire

I am thinking about moving to NH. Where can i find info about jobs, apartments, food, and what it is like up there. Thanks.

Sunday, January 23, 2005

9:04PM - A dispatch from the Marijuana Policy Project.

Rep. Tim Robertson (D-Keene) has taken a strong stand on behalf of
responsible adults who use marijuana by introducing groundbreaking
legislation: H.B. 197. His bill, which will soon receive a hearing in
the House Criminal Justice and Public Safety Committee, eliminates all
criminal penalties associated with marijuana.
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Saturday, November 20, 2004

8:18PM - New NH LJ Community

I don't know if there's any interst here, but I figured I'd mention it anyway. I just opened a community for Christians living in New Hampshire (nh_christian). If you're interested, feel free to join. If not, just ignore this message. :)

Thursday, September 9, 2004


Anyone going to the Mill City Festival in Manchester this weekend?

Monday, September 6, 2004

7:08PM - Granny D is coming to Manchester, New Hampshire!


Saw Granny D today at the Labor Day parade out in Milford, and learned she will be speaking at a rally in Manchester on Wednesday, September 8th. It will be held at noon in City Hall Plaza, and after her speech, she will walk a mile through downtown Manchester and you can join her!

For those unfamiliar, Granny D is running as a Democratic candidate for US Senate to unseat Republican incumbent Judd Gregg. She walked across America at the age of 90 to bring attention to the need for political campaign reforms, and bills were passed because of her efforts. She has not accepted any campaign funding from special interests and represents the REAL people of New Hampshire.

For more info about Granny D, or to contribute or volunteer, visit her website at: grannyd.com.

Hope to see you on Wednesday!!

Sunday, April 25, 2004


Im new but i wanted to pimp out my community like the dork I am.

For people (lesbians) who live in New Hampshire


Sorry if it upsets anyone. Just getting it out there.